Return to the Garden


In these close-ups, a stern-looking Naamah/Athena, fresh from her victory over the line of Seth, and wearing her war helmet and carrying her spear, reports the triumph to her Cainite father, Lamech/Atlas, as he smiles back with pride and pleasure at his daughter’s great achievement.

On this red-figure vase from 410 BC, the artist depicted an imagined family reunion, celebrating the triumph of the way of Cain in the post-Flood world.

The scene takes place in the Garden of the Hesperides, the Greek version of Eden. An Hesperid (nymph of the West) tends the serpent-entwined apple tree (Genesis doesn’t say what kind of tree it was; it’s from the Greek tradition we get the idea Eve ate an apple).

In the center we see Lamech/Atlas pushing away the heavens, and with them the God of the heavens, preferring to live under the authority of the serpent who told his ancestor Eve/Hera “Ye shall be as gods.” Lamech (Genesis 4:22) was the last king of the Cainite world before the Flood. 

Lamech’s daughter, Naamah/Athena (also Genesis 4:22), the link between the pre-Flood and post-Flood worlds, came through the Deluge as Ham’s wife, and instigated and directed the successful rebellion against Noah and his God-fearing offspring.

Here, Naamah has figuratively come back through the Flood, bringing her son Cush/Hermes (far right) and her grandson Nimrod/Herakles with her, both fully dedicated to the way of Cain.

Cush/Hermes carries his kerykeion with the two serpents at its end signifying the serpent’s rule in the age before the Flood and now in the age after it.

Nimrod/Herakles, wearing his lion’s skin, has paddled his way through the water in the bowl of the sun, suggesting a passage back through time. After Nimrod/Herakles routed the line of Seth on behalf of his grandmother Naamah/Athena in the post-Flood world, Greek sculptors pictured Lamach/Atlas figuratively presenting the fruit of the serpent’s tree to his great-grandson, Nimrod/Herakles, as a sign that the latter had earned the right to rule post-Flood humanity in accord with the way of Cain—the Creator pushed away and mankind exalted.

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The basic message of the above scene: the royal line of Cain through Lamech and his daughter Naamah has reestablished its rule in the post-Flood worldwithout God, and in accord with the serpent’s “enlightenment.”

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