The hallmark of a healthy humanity is a genuine connection to the truth of our historical identity. History, simply put, is what happened. But how do we find our way to the origins of the human race thousands of years ago? We go back two and a half millennia to Greek artists who were closer to it, and whose marble sculptures and vase paintings bear a silent witness to the key characters and events described in the early chapters of the Book of Genesis, validating their reality.

    Here is some of what is revealed in this extraordinary book:

  1. Bullet  Zeus’ and Hera’s connection to the serpent-entwined apple tree.

  2. Bullet  Cain killing Abel depicted on the Parthenon.

  3. Bullet  Seth-men depicted as Centaurs who seize Cain-women as their wives.

  4. Bullet  The unique Greek depiction of Noah’s Flood.

  5. Bullet  The Cain-woman who survived the Flood as Ham’s wife.

  6. Bullet  The true landing site of Noah’s ark in the mountains of Ararat.

  7. Bullet  Naamah reconsecrates her grandson Nimrod to the way of Cain.

  8. Bullet  Nimrod/Herakles usurps the authority of Noah.

  9. Bullet  The Genesis serpent transfigured into Zeus.

  10. Bullet  The Altar of Zeus in Pergamum is the throne of Satan in Revelation.

  11. Bullet  The post-Flood Cainite onslaught against the line of Seth.

  12. Bullet  The ancient vase painter Kleophrades reveals true identity of the Amazons.

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